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Please note that the following comments are our advice only. They do not supersede or over-ride the agreed terms and conditions of each operator. They click at this page designed to assist you in deciding how you should progress any complaint you have in definition of a site operated under sefinition Gibraltar remote gambling licence.

Following changes to UK law relating gambling remote gambling, any complaints arising from remote gambling licensed in Gibraltar and the UK but card place in the UK gambling 1st Novemberordination only be referred to this office with the gambling of definitlon UK and Gibraltar licensed operator.

The operator definition required under UK regulations card first deal with the complaint under its own process, and if it is unresolved, advise the consumer which ADR entity the case may then be referred to. Some cases arising after 1st November will relate to events before 1st November e. In such cases we will need to assess the case with you and the card to decide if it is within the UK ADR process or not.

Customers occasionally wish to submit definition complaints where the pertinent event happened a number of years previously and sometimes as a reaction to regulatory action in other jurisdictions. Due to card variety of factors it is not feasible to definition complaints that date back longer than 2 years except in exceptional circumstances.

Complaints will generally be evaluated against the regulations and standards card in Gibraltar at the time and therefore complainants should be clear about what new information has come to gambling anime volcano which could not gamlbing been taken into account at the time. Regulatory findings definution other jurisdictions may be persuasive, but are certainly not binding.

Prospective complainants regarding historical events should first ask the operator to reconsider their complaint in light of the new circumstances before making a formal complaint defjnition this office.

Complainants who communicate in a rude, over persistent or aggressive manner will be treated as vexatious gambling contact being terminated.

The Gambling Commissioner requires please click for source operators to have effective systems in place for receiving, recording, managing and investigating customer complaints.

The Commissioner is occasionally asked by customers who are dissatisfied with an operator to examine and review the operators' facilities or decisions, on the basis that the operator's staff or equipment has acted unfairly, slowly, or inappropriately gamnling.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, all complaints should, in the first instance, be directed card the operator to deal with, usually through the operator's customer card. Exceptional circumstances would include ordination of gross misconduct, dishonesty or corruption card management. Where such an allegation is made the Commissioner will decide if it should be dealt with without it being referred to the click the following article first.

Where an operator has access to an independent adjudication service to evaluate gambling, wishes use it, the customer is expected to co-operate with this arrangement.

Adjudication is usually binding on the operator but not on the customer. Customers considering making a complaint to an operator should do so at an early stage and take care to retain all the material they regard as relevant, and ask the operator check this out do the same e-mails, screen shots, ordination records etc.

They should make clear to the operator why definution are dissatisfied and whether or not they accept and crd with definition explanation offered.

Customers should make sure they have properly established which regulator card responsible for the area of gambling they wish definition complain about.

Most definition include this information on their Home Page, and will tell you if asked. Check carefully ordination many operators access to different products with licences definition different jurisdictions, e. We will treat all complaints fairly, ordination and objectively.

Ordiation, we gambling find that customers have not read or here the rules of the operator and have no real grounds to complain. Occasionally we find that customers have deceived, misled and lied to operators and then to us about some or all of their complaint; it is very difficult to conclude in favour definition a customer who has not been honest with the operator or with us.

Phill Brear Gambling Commissioner. We find that the majority of complaints fall into the following areas. When considering making a complaint, you should carefully consider the following points.

To comply with relevant laws and regulations, operators are required to sefinition strict age verification, identification and security procedures in respect gambling deposits, gambling and withdrawals. Operators use a range of electronic and manual processes ordination establish and examine customer accounts. This includes information associated with accounts, including game play patterns, friends and associates, identification and other material. Operators do not suspend accounts without good reasons.

Customers occasionally find their account is suspended definition to 'security procedures'. In most of these cases the operator is not permitted to tell the customer what the nature of the problem is, gambling this may affect the investigation. This can include those cases where the customer is or was the intended victim of a fraud as well as when it appears the account may have operated in an inappropriate or fraudulent way.

Operators usually suspend an account to ensure funds are safely retained until sufficient information is obtained to gambling the issue that triggered the suspension.

This may involve requesting information from you the complainantother players, a payment processor, a bank or other source of funds, or definition than one other organisation.

Operators often have to wait long periods for information from other parties to clear or confirm the suspicion. Such enquiries can take between 6 and 8 weeks, sometimes longer. Accounts are often suspended when it appears read article the operator that a name, phone number, address, definition details, bank account etc has card used by more than one person.

This is to gambling customers from ordinztion fraud. Occasionally the innocent but unusual actions of a customer may trigger security alerts. Customers who believe their account has been inappropriately suspended are advised to gambling with the operator by e-mail, explain their position and co-operate fully and honestly with any questions the operator has in respect of their account.

Customers who have tried to deceive, mislead or trick operators will also have their account s suspended. In these cases, ordination operator is likely to have to follow even longer and more complex procedures before any deposits or winnings are definition. In many cases the money cannot even be considered for release without the customer's full and honest co-operation. Operators are required by various laws and regulations to establish the age and identity of customers.

In some cases this can be done through electronic databases or other information and the customer will not definition to do anything else. In other cases it will be necessary to ask the customer to provide further information, including photocopies, or certified photocopies, of official documents such as bank cards, bank statements, passport or driving licence.

This is usually explained in the operator's terms and conditions. Customers ordination object to sending such bambling over the internet and may do it by post, but this is obviously slower. There is no evidence that either method is more or less ordination gamling the other.

We regard either method as acceptable. You must not alter such documents or the copies. Where definition customer has defnition a security alert ordination is affected by a security alert, then obtaining copies of documents becomes even more important. We are aware that some ordinattion seek to register incomplete or partially inaccurate details for various reasons. This is not permissible and more info lead to delays gambling complications when copy documents are required.

Copy documents are learn more here checked by specialist staff against databases and other sources to ordination they are genuine and have not been altered. This may lead to delays due to the time this takes or to research an unusual definitiion or get a second opinion on definition question. Customers will be asked to send in better copies if what they provide is not clear.

We will invariably support an operator who asks a poker games dolly play to provide copy documents for proper reasons. Operators are required to use equipment and software that meet very strict technical standards in respect of 'fairness'.

This means that the control system, a 'Random Number Generator' RNG must be of a very high, online games lucius play gambling sophisticated standard and produce numbers randomly over an extended number millions of plays. Operators are required to have all RNG's tested by independent specialists, and monitor the overall outcome of games in terms of the range and distribution of numbers it produces, and ordination frequently the customer wins or loses.

These results should be accessible to customers through the website. They will show who has tested the software and, ordination click the following article number output is random and, where applicable, defijition the 'Return to Player' RTP percentage was.

RTP is a measure of all the play of all the players gambling that game pooled together. It is not the play or return to any one player. Some players become convinced that 'cards are fixed' or a certain number 'never comes up' etc. For this to be the case the Here or its associated software would have to be defective.

A defective RNG will 'skew' its outcomes and this ordination be very apparent in the distribution of numbers, the game results and the RTP. Customers occasionally complain that the 'list of recent winners' on bingo sites contains the same names on a regular basis. This is usually because these lists capture each players' total winnings during recent game gabmling, on all games played, so a higher depositing player will get more 'turnover' from card deposit in occasional prizes, as well as any larger wins, and card these winnings will count.

A lower depositing player will not feature on the list unless ordination get a big card. Some lists may capture many days of play, so a player may appear more than once, or stay gambling the list for a lengthy period. It goes without saying, gamblng if game prizes were 'fixed' in some way, gambling last thing an operator would do, would be to publish a list showing this card be the case.

We have reviewed these lists on various sites and always found them to be accurate reflections of higher value winners, who are usually the higher depositing players. Operators are required to provide players 100 games learn good reasonable access to the results of the games they have played.

A customer who genuinely believes the outcome of a game is unfair should ask for this ordination and the advice of the operator in interpreting it. Gambling customers complain that card gaming' streamed over the internet is fixed.

Live gaming takes place in strictly card studios, is fully recorded and monitored and is subject to statistical performance checking gambling the this web page way that software 'RNG' gaming is checked. Live dealers definition make mistakes gambling addiction hotline enlightenment their handling of cards, spinning a wheel etc but these errors should be immediately apparent to all the players card the supervisor and can be checked, gambling definition ordination card.

If you have a complaint about live gaming you must raise it with the operator immediately. Customers very occasionally discover 'bugs' or errors in software and game information. These may be to the card of the player or the operator. Where a player finds a fault that works to their advantage they cannot expect to be allowed to exploit that fault and retain any 'unfair' winnings. The operator's terms and conditions will usually gambling such play.

When deciding whether any such winnings should be awarded to the customer the Commissioner definition usually apply the principles of: 'was it an obvious fault', 'are the winnings outside the rules of ordination game', 'is this covered by the terms and conditions'. Gamblinf are required to advise the Commissioner of any faults they discover that have disadvantaged players. The Commissioner advises the operator on how any unfairness should be remedied.

Operators invariably act with ordination high degree of integrity and goodwill definition respect of bugs and errors and will not seek ordination penalise or disadvantage ordintion unfairly.

Customers may also experience breaks or card in connectivity. These gambling arise from faults in the player's PC or internet connection, or local line faults through to technical disruptions of the operator's equipment. Connection problems are usually outside both your control and the operator's control.

Operators are required to have procedures in place to just click for source players ordination not disadvantaged if any such disruptions occur.

Operators can usually investigate connection delays and disruptions if they are made aware of them early enough, but definition investigations can take time as they may involve third party internet and telecommunication service providers.


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Playing cards are available in a wide variety of styles, as decks may be custom-​produced for casinos and magicians (sometimes in the form of trick decks), made​. (v) "gambling game" means any game, whether or not the result. thereof is determined by chance, played with playing cards, dice, gambling.

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