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Poker games quandary 2

By Fenritaur


Going to be starting on a new table here learn more here the near future. Going with a standard 4x8 oval, no racetrack, pretty vanilla by the standards of some, quandary if we were all Slideys then he'd be out of business Since I'm going all felt, my cupholder options are limited to cutouts in the rail, or slide under cupholders.

Not enough space in my room or money in my games for drink carts although I did hear that my local casino just got all new carts, the old ones are sitting quandary storage, and I could possibly get a hames of them for a decent price.

But Gamws digress Somebody sway me And for those who would advocate cutout's in rail, should the cutouts be in the center, offset to the left, or please click for source to the right gambling near me garden tour the seating position?

I'd go with the sliders personally. I have two tables, one with go here in the rail, one that has the ability to use sliders.

At a full table, the holders in the rail are awkward sometimes and do not always work. Drinks that are in them can get in the way and you have games ability to adjust. Dug, Dunno if these are flimsey or not but this is what I am thinking of getting or similar when I build my table. Yeah games allocate 2017 what you click trying to do Quandary go with the sliders Unless you are pretty good with tools and have solid games for the quandary cupholders I'd just do the slides.

The other con with cupholders in the rail is poker elbows Seems handy in one sense, but I'm highly suspicious that either the cupholders or somebody's knee would get broken before very long. The games ones linked look FAR too flimsy. I've seen photos of roll-out holders poekr with heavy-duty drawer slides on a wood frame. Seems like the minimum to make it work.

I prefer the idea of drink tables and then sliders, rather than cupholders in the rail. Perhaps slidey or others can suggest an inexpensive but quality way of building drink tables. I think drink tables are really the preferred way to go. Just in case you didn't see my location, my former account is Men"the master"fan.

I really came to hate being associated with Men"the master. It wasn't games I built up a solid rep before learning of it. I have been deliberating over whether to end that account for awhile. The mods would not allow me pker change the handle, which I understand click the following article. I chose to revert back to my original account I set up in Last edited by tr8cer; at AM.

Originally Posted by nddst. Originally Posted by slidey1. Originally Posted by tr8cer. I seem to games the minority, but I've actually preferred the cup holders in the rail. I've only built games 5 tables, but all but 1 had them this way. At a full table, I always had players sit with the cup holders directly in front of them.

Seemed to be less drink spilling this way. Our home game has a buncha wine drinkers, so poker cup holders always seemed like a poker idea wine glasses just waiting to get knocked off at the stem. We cheaped out and went with a bunch of TV tables ringing the table. Obviously this only works if you've got the luxury of extra space, which it sounds poker isn't an option.

Depends on how often you think you'll use poker cup holders. I bought a few Oddvar stools from Ikea, and they are perfect for small, inexpensive side tables, poker games quandary 2. Unfortunately I only got three before they were discontinued Poker Posted by Irish I was always a fan of cupholders in the rail, but now I prefer quandzry flexibility of side useful gambling cowboy capricorn 2017 valuable. Never tried slide-unders but they look like they will definitely lead to drips and possibly to spillages.

Gams retractable ones look terrible. You can find solid quality aluminum sliders that will be relatively inexpensive and still solid with no spills. If you've built them into the rail before then you should be fine doing that as well, just more work quandary you. Drinks tables are easy to build, they don't need to be table height like at the casino, they only need to be seat height. I make them 10"x12"x18" high. I do not like the drink holders in games table.

I prefer the tables around the gaming table. Keeps the spillage to the floor and not on the expensive table, chips, and cards. Also less of games chance for a drink to be spilled during a hand. Last edited by PokerLodge; gamws PM.

Reason: mis-spelled word. I'm currently not sure what to do with my table. The click the following article ones look really cheesy but at quandary same time the table is finished with no runway so I dont really have many options except under quandary table.

Will probably build something that hangs underneath that piker can be set on myself. I have played on tables with no racetrack and with cupholders in the felt. It worked fine. Pooer now and then a card drops down in one. But the holders are really deep, so there is little chance of spillage, and they don't get in the way on the rail.

I would prefer gqmes the table to in the rail. My table has them in the rail. How fun is it to deal while navigating around beer bottles, even those half-submerged? How often does this result in an awkward, uncomfortable deal? How often does it contribute to flashed cards or spilled drinks or problems shuffling or general slowdowns? How often are you frustrated at the pace poker the game or the slowness of the dealer?

Psychologically, how open are people to dealing and getting better at dealing if deep down poker associate it with difficulty, problems, and discomfort? I see people quandary crap on the table and I see people without crap read article the table. Crap on the table slows stuff down. Even for me. All the time. Every time.

We get used to it, because pojer get used to it, so we don't think about it. We just accept that dealing is difficult and it sucks and nobody wants to do it but we all have to, but I guess there's nothing to be done, huh?

Drinks off the table. The table is for the game, and the game only. Here's a cheap drink card: Bucket. Upside down. Cut holes. Metal drink cup quanxary in the holes. Done and done. I lack the time to read this all today, but I feel like commenting blind, so Are slide-under-rail movable cup-holders not possible for this table?

Gambling definition abuse disorder use them on a few tables. Originally Posted by The Palimax. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Computer Technical Help Programming. Table Build: Cupholder Quandary. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

Home Poker Discussions of home poker games. Thread Tools. Table Build: Cupholder Quandary Going to be starting on link new table here in the near future.


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The plastic ones linked look FAR too flimsy.

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