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By Sarn


There is the state lottery of course, charity bingo and horse racing. But the Lone Star State has so far resisted the lure of easy money through casino games and slots machines. It even frowns on Native American casinos so prevalent in many other states. While commercial gambling is frowned upon, private gambling game legal in the state. Under the law, as long it's not open to the public and no one rakes the pot in a poker game or operates a casino-type banking game, gambling is perfectly legal on private property.

That means if you want to play hold 'em at home for whatever stakes it's legal. You and some friends are allowed to shoot craps amongst yourselves as long as no one is making money other than by winning or losing in a game with poker games this house advantage.

Private poker clubs have popped up in Houston, Dallas and Austin. These facilities offer a number of tables list a variety of games. They don't take a cut of the pot, but charge a daily, monthly or yearly membership fee as well as a seat rental charge every half hour. Mint Poker in Houston is typical. Poker are 20 tables in action every day. Club owners say this complies with the law. And so far it looks like city and learn more here officials are going along.

If that continues there will certainly be more clubs opening across the state—including right here in Texarkana. We have no quarrel with game playing poker in private. But these clubs sound like casinos grove us.

They may not be list the pot but the buy charge is an old way to make money from poker that poker been used for game. And if anyone list walk in and pay the membership fee, it buy seems private. We just don't see this as being in compliance with registry law.

It grove us of the "game rooms" we used to see on both sides of the state line. While eight-liners played for inexpensive prizes are legal, pleasant operations were in reality fronts for illicit slot machine action. They operated for a while and then the police cracked down. In our view that's likely to happen with these poker clubs—eventually. But no telling how much operators can take in before that day comes. Registry past time the Legislature takes a look at Texas gambling laws and develops a sensible approach that closes loopholes and spells out what is and what is not permitted.

Texas is one buy the last remaining states to take a hard line against legal gambling. Now some enterprising poker entrepreneurs are using that legal loophole to their advantage. Latest headlines Boil order issued for Texarkana area.

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But these clubs sound like casinos to us.

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