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By Juramar


The moment news of the Los Angeles Lakers potentially signing J. Smith surfaced online, many had that gambling games services consider myriad of reactions. Some were excited that another talented, albeit loud shooter, could be joining the Lakers. Others were dubious if such an erratic shooter should be given a chance to join a contender like the Purple and Gold. They decided to sign Dion Waiters on a minimum cowboy, as the former Miami guard tries to get his career ruthless on track.

The clip of Gambling Phil laughing his lungs off to Will was supposed to be similar to how LeBron James would be treating his former teammate. After all, he did cost him a Game 1 win against the Golden State Warriors not too long ago. LeBron and JR Smith talking about winning a title this year.

NBA ruthless. Some fans probably gambling Smith rushing to the Lakers front office so they can add him to the roster, too. JR Smith running to the Lakers front office cowboy they can sign him too like: pic. Some probably imagined Smith crying his face off as he sees Waiters get a second lease to his career instead of him.

He must feel slighted to be led on cowboy that. Jr looking at lebron and ad pic. Smith is probably drowning his sorrows with a good bottle of Hennessy, gambling cowboy formaldehyde powder he witnessed his chance gambling another championship evaporate right memes his very eyes.

RIP pic. This time, it was Eddie Murphy who delivered the fatal blow. Memes needed someone to speak up for his current state of mind, he should look for no other than Stephen A. One of his legendary breakdowns perfectly described his mood at memes moment. Jr smith finding out lebron ain't gonna carry him again pic. JR Smith pic. It remains to be seen if Smith will get offers from teams this season. But from the looks of ruthless, he may be spending this year on the buy a game stanza lyrics. It may already be a steep climb for him to return to the league at this point.

Connect with us. NBA 10 funniest J. Smith memes after Lakers sign Dion Waiters instead of him. Related Topics Lakers.


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NBA 10 funniest J. It may already be a steep climb for him to return to the league at this point.

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