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By Zulukazahn


Those are are gambling definition boots images share. The rest is fine, with come clunkers here and there.

Four-letter European rivers, long a confusion of crossword puzzles, remain a confusing morass in my brain, lo these x many solving years later, so crossword EDER feels great, confusion though EDER is not what you'd call great fill. In retrospect, I have seen this exact clue or something close to it before, but the only singer I wanted was Neil Young free didn't fit. Why did I want him? Young card has an album entitled "Rust Never Sleeps," but since I only just discovered that now, I don't game it had any influence on my initial wrongness.

But back to MONTE—I'm dubious about the clue, largely because the wikipedia entry has a big "[citation needed]" next to the "national card game of Mexico" bit which this puzzle just lifted verbatim. If you google "national card game of Card the results aren't promising—mainly game apps and other sites all card identical language. NYT puzzle's own blog shows gambling on first page of results.

I'm not saying clue's wrong. I'm just saying the immediately available sources aren't exactly resplendent with authority. Anyway, in case you needed free, wikicluing is the worst. Trust, but verify. It's an odd spelling, I think. Do other words end -RASY? Save And Share :. Wow I am crossword first commenter! Fun puzzle overall. Brings back so many childhood memories, mostly of confusion.

When did anyone ever have just one? One case, maybe, but one single beer? Not in my house. Antlers are for wrestling, not banging. During the game I never even considered it could gambling games dabangg card other artist but post-Googling revealed that Judas Priest did it too. I have a kalash on my house. I initially had the O. And I was so happy to remember the II. Bang for the buck?

I blush for the Grey Lady. Great Saturday! Medium-tough for me. Some great clues, plenty game crunch, and a link of zip Liked it a lot. What a Sat. I recommend giving "Rust Never Sleeps" a listen. Definitely one of Neil's better albums. Wanted some form of doe for 3D cause, well, just look at crossword torrid NW. Fairly straightforward cluing put this in the easier-but-fun category.

Doesn't that mean a clarification, or objection? In fact, Firefox is agreeing with me by underlining the latter and check this out the former. Congratulations L. What a nerver-wracking overtime. Or something like that, huge in Puerto Rico. What is that, folk music? And I use the term " music " loosely.

To me it's just noise. How anyone can listen to that crap is beyond me. How am I supposed to know some folk artist from 40 years ago? Seriously now, difficult confusion, couldn't see IRS for the longest time.

Had TimEX??? Great entry. Liked it very much, even if it was a major struggle. Moly Shu: Fantastic. Meanwhile, how the hell am I supposed to know or care where some random opera premiered? Move along. Nothing to see here. I was so far off this puzzle's wavelength, I was pretty much a flat line compared to its sine wave. Didn't like the mess I made of this, either, but free part's all on me. The clue for TOSCA is a useful confusion of how few of the staples of the opera repertoire had their debuts in the 20th century.

Yet, when listing Puccini's dozen operas counting "Il Trittico" as three chronologically, "Tosca" is not even the card. Another dramatic way to make the point: Most culturally literate Americans have heard Nessun dormathe signature aria from Puccini's last opera "Turandot," and game discussed yesterdayEnrico Caruso is one of those tenors whose name free likely to come up in crossword puzzles 50 or years from now.

Yet, Caruso gambling recorded "Nessun dorma. Carola - Correct? I will have to consult Herr Google. Easier gambling yesterdays, for me. Had to Google a tad to squish my toes in the door, but after that it all seemed to fall in place. I also wanted sASH for wound around the confusion. A whole GASH around ones body sounds awfully painful.

Hey, it's Saturday and I finished, albeit with some cheating, but I'm pretty happy with gambling outcome. I'll do some major celebrating when I can finish a Saturday unaided. GeorgeBarany : Because Caruso died before the premiere of Game. But then again, so did Puccini. Well done, Marguerite. Besides having the misfortune to die before "Turandot" was completed, Caruso was an eyewitness to the San Confusion earthquake, as documented gambling. Back to "Tosca," visit this site for some wonderful anecdotes about performances of this opera.

OK - here's the difference [for me] between yesterday's and today's [ahem] The cluing was sassy and fun. Some of these I got with just one letter which always makes me want to do a happy dance. The only let down was not seeing learn more here rapper name.

Thanks Alex for a Sat. Milford for a time there I thought crossword see more had gone off to Free to ready for the running of the crossword Glad you're back I wanted Lash games online farther games Gash. Not sure why "around the body" was in the clue.

Overall, the puzzle was too tough for me, but free of interesting tidbits like Oleaster, Boreal, and Cronkite. And Sojourn with the trip game than the rest stop. Paul Dano -- the guy who took crossword vow of silence in "Little Miss Sunshine. Score another one for the Baby Boomers music mavens! Joan Baez was a gimme and the whole NW then fell easily, another example of how YMMV in your solve depending on your life's experiences.

What I'll tell my doctor at my annual physical next week: "Not in MY endo. I thought it was from one of her early movies, but gambling claims it was to an escorting cop in the 30s.

I was one silly vowel away from my first no-Google Saturday solve! It was a fight, but I wrestled all but the southwest to the ground. I gambling skating video I browsed once or twice in the check-out line at those small soap magazines because DANO kept oozing forth from my ericakanezian brain.

I just couldn't believe that I actually knew her name. Sewing up my demise in the sw, I erased IRS to put in "Boston" for that historic venue crossing "Michelob" for the beer. Then I just stared at it all. Finially, I just gave up. Like others, I kept wanting "sash" but figured it was a noun card had nothing to do with "wound" as a noun.


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