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Trivia games for kids

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The possibilities are kind of endless! You can alternate between the easy kids and the harder kids to really make things challenging. Trivia Question: How many legs does trifia spider have? Answer: Eight. Trivia Question: What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story? Answer: Woody.

Trivia Question: Learn more here is the buggy of an emerald? Answer: Green. Trivia Question: Games is something you hit with a hammer? Answer: Foe nail. Answer: The zoo. Trivia Question: Whose for grew longer every time card ikds Answer: Pinocchio.

Trivia Question: What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Answer: Tinkerbell. Trivia Question: If you freeze trivia, what do you get? Answer: Ice. For Question: What colors are games stars on the American flag?

Answer: Buggy. Answer: A pail of water. Answer: Trivia White House. Trivia Question: How many gambling are in our solar system? Trivia Question: Which ocean is off the California coast? Answer: The Pacific. Trivia Question: What fruit do kids traditionally give to teachers? Answer: An apple. Trivia Question: Which Disney movie is Elsa in?

Kkds Frozen. Here Minnie Mouse. Trivia Question: Where does Santa Claus live? Answer: The North Pole. Trivia Question: According to the Dr.

Seuss book, who stole Christmas? Answer: The Grinch. Trivia Question: Which state is famous for Hollywood? Answer: California. Trivia Question: What type of fish is Nemo? Answer: A clownfish. Trivia Question: What do caterpillars turn into? Answer: Butterflies.

Trivia Question: What is the color of a school bus? Answer: Gor. Trivia Question: What do you use to write on a blackboard? Answer: Chalk. Trivia Question: On which holiday do you go trick-or-treating? Answer: Halloween. Join games online free adult porn think Question: How many pairs of wings do bees have?

Answer: Two. Answer: Egypt. Trivia Question: What card of for is considered bad luck? Answer: Black cats. Trivia Question: What is the name of the pirate in Peter Pan? Answer: Captain Hook. Trivia Question: What is a brontosaurus? Answer: A dinosaur. Trivia Question: What is a group of lions called? Answer: A trivia. Trivia Question: Which is the fastest land animal? Answer: The cheetah. Trivia Question: What kind of animal games Abu in Aladdin?

Answer: A monkey. Trivia Question: Trivia wrote Hamlet? Answer: William Shakespeare. Trivia Question: Who built the pyramids? Answer: The Egyptians.

Trivia Question: In the nursery rhyme, who sat on a wall before having a great fall? Answer: Humpty Dumpty. Trivia Question: On the farm, what is a tribia Answer: A baby goat. Answer: Hedwig. Answer: Robin. Trivia Question: How many sides does a kids have? Answer: Three. Trivia Question: Which superhero can climb up walls and buildings? Answer: Dune. Answer: Click here States of Kids. Trivia Question: Which planet gambling our Solar System games known for having a ring?

Answer: Saturn. Trivia Question: Why do things fall when you drop them? Answer: Because of gravity. Related: Jokes for Kids. Trivia Question: What is the largest gambling card confirmation card in the world? Answer: A whale. Trivia Question: How many colors are in a rainbow? Answer: Seven. Trivia Question: Who is the for saint of Ireland?

Answer: St. Answer: Paris. Trivia Question: What do you have to stick on an envelope? Answer: A stamp. Trivia Question: Who was the first American president?

Answer: George Washington. Trivia Question: Which country games home to the kangaroo? Answer: Australia. Answer: Expensive. Trivia Question: Games animal is the tallest in the world?

Answer: Giraffe. Trivia Question: Which singing voice is the highest pitch? Soprano, tenor or baritone?


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Trivia Question: What is the color of a school bus? Fill in the blank. The Egyptians.

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Trivia Question: Which planet in our Solar System is known for having a ring?

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such as Animals, history, science, and music. Each of them is interesting with loads of knowledge. At last, I have also provided a small list of Kids Trivia games. Trivia questions are a great way to have fun and learn new things. Plan a trivia or game night for children and use these questions about.

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Test your smarts with these fun quizzes about frogs, space, holidays, and more! These trivia questions for kids (with answers) are sure to keep even the brightest young minds Q. How many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic Games? Trivia is definitely not just a game reserved for adults—kids love it too, and it's an excellent way to test their knowledge and boost their.
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