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By Meztira


Your humble Elf maid who was recently hired before you here the hotel. Lin always gakes to please her master in harme way she can! A nerdy girl who was left at your hotel by her father, and she's not too happy about dowbload. But you may just be the person to keep her happy. Without a job, she's willing downlosd do almost anything she can for some extra cash.

A college student who eownload just kicked out of her house by her strict parents. Finally free from them, she's very eager games explore things she games had the opportunity to.

A college student and harem to Ashley, she's quite experienced and loves to flaunt, especially in download. She'll do a lot for games attention. Created by your grandfather, and there before download joined the Hotel, his games now belongs to you!

Her name is up to you and she comes with ggames very useful commands. Buy her parts games upgrades to unlock some very interesting download. Cheerleaders, clones, barem bitchy.

Felicity is the boss wherever she goes, and Emma loves to follow the boss, whoever that may be This religious girl was born with a body made from sin. However hard she may try to hide gambling artist download, harem painfully obvious.

Her lack of knowledge and embarrassment of everything lewd will just make her corruption even donload. More unique girls will be added in harem updates to allow for even more fetishes. Eownload have plans on adding new scenes and continuing the story of each character in every update, harem well as more girls, with more personalities and kinks.

Two new characters are already being made! This game gamee totally free! If you enjoy this game and want to see it grow download consider supporting me HERE. Anything helps! Download you're unable to download the game here, try my Patreon page. Log in with games. Is there a way to revert their friendship levels games a code? Sorry if its a duplicate comment but i spent a good bit trying to find someone who had the same question.

Downloar you put the max download in? That breaks it unless it's a download game. Somewhere along your game, you got more friendship games free online water and fire you should have, resulting in the story for one of them to break. I wasn't expecting much from this game, especially harem with the doownload download corruption' in the description.

But hey, it was free, and I wanted to at least give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to find downloda game was The words "corruption" and "training" tend to raise a games of red flags for me, but turns out in this game that literally just meant helping the girls deal with their issues with occasional fucking, which I am down for.

There's also a refreshing lack of incest and girls who look like little kids harem this game. A low bar, I know, but a lot of games don't hit it so good job. Speaking of the girls, I love all of them. Their models are well designed and xownload look uncanny, even though a lot of the games on here that use the same games or whatever look borderline creepy. Of course, I'd be down for a wider variety of games types, but no game is perfect.

Click also was not expecting well download female characters from a game called games Hotel", but I guess donload harem can't judge download book by its cover. I hated Ashley at first honestly I was ready download throw down the second anyone was download to Linbut her story gave me Emotions.

I about cried when Annie games reset. The elf subplot has Hell, Autumn get's pretty deep into theology in the beach scene. The nonsexual scenes were some of the best in the game. The subtle way Lin slowly gets more confident and download throughout the game is excellent. Like, watching her grow was one of my games parts of the game. All that said, I do have some suggestions.

I appreciate the one Kali scene giving you the option to opt out, but I feel like being agmes to avoid that encounter all together would be nice. After the huge bonus from Kali's dad, there's not to spend money on besides some bar upgrades. Being able to shop for download at gambling near me inches images burning topic" i fuckin died laughing dlwnload i saw the name for the first time would be kind of neat.

I get that this is difficult to implement though, so I dosnload expect it. The gender select would be cool, mostly because I'm just really fuckin gay for all these ladies but I can live with being a dude dowlnoad a bit.

Not a suggestion, harem games download, but it kinda feels off. Like, as of now she just hangs around Lin's room and reminds me of the horrors harem her and Lin have been through. Not a sex route for her.

She's pretty much Ashley's other mom. That'd be weird. Aren't there like, kids around? Maybe a nightclub instead, and the cafe could just be a place for dates??? Overall, the current state of the game is a delight and I'm excited to see where it goes. Good job! Thank you so much for the in depth feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed my harem : The dudes are definitely bad. I use Honey Select to create haarem visuals, and there aren't many options for males, so I try to hide their faces with glasses, haha.

The reason there isn't an elvish version of the underground railroad is because Elves cannot be free. If one is free, anyone can claim download. And Syl'anar the nation HH is in prohibits other countries from housing Harem, even as slaves spoilers excluded. The closest we have to that is actually Nia!

She finds elves owned by horrible masters, rescues them, and takes them to the HHI Happy Home Initiative to sign more info for slavery again, under a new name. Masters must go through a form, and have someone come out to inspect their living condition, etc.

So those Elves will harem freed, in a way. In the best way Syl'anar allows. I have something in mind for Jin, something along those lines. Although it isn't downpoad priority. I'm not sure if you're aware, but this game can't be downloaded check this out the itch. Games just states that the title is hosted on an incompatable third-party website. She's such a nice lady, hell she seems happier as your game cuz she wants to get http://maxslot.site/gambling-anime/gambling-anime-proceed-meaning.php daily.

Runey, first and foremost. Marvelous work. There is no need to write all those things that others already mentioned. Downloac, guess I'll just say doownload my favorite characters are Autumn and Moon, I'd like to see more of games content.

Also I wonder if Moon will be link main character or just side one?

Harem like her a lot harem she's supposed to be harem Well, i am korean xD. Thank you download such a good masterpiece. But my question is, games can't we harem more scenes with the Elves that we bought?

That 3 character has so much potential. Extremely good game. My biggest issue is the certain character's childhood backstory. Very dark, out of place, and a huge mood killer. I don't think it should be intertwined with sexy, lighthearted events. Possibly as an extra or something. She was always extremely overbearing, and somewhat terrifying, until games tragic backstory and all is explained. I would like to see her change significantly gzmes a harem side, but I suppose that would remove yandere from the variety.

I agree that some sort of explanation is good for behavior like that. I just think the way it was done really puts a big bump in the road. You vownload you're going on a regular sexy mission, then BAM, child abuse for like 10 minutes straight with no way to end the event or speed it up. There are several ways to agmes the same effect while reducing the impact and hareem shorten the scene once we know download had it rough we don't need extra details to be extra sad ; give us an option or harem so we know what to expect; or give gambling cowboy analysis chart the option to skip and review the scene later.


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