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Gambling in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums. EA's screw up with lootboxes and gambling. Poker it was and still is a controversial topic for a long time but now people and goverments seem to take action with a vengeance. So considering PS2 has RNG with implants which you can spend real money on if 0217 official classification for lootboxes as gambling becomes a thing and as such might get banned what would that mean for daybreak and PS poker among other of their games?

Let implants games randomly for certs and Growth, but let me pay real money to just buy the ones that I want. It basically just speeds up the grind and Daybreak gets paid. Because there's zero way I'm dropping real money on some lottery. At the very least, games should be legally obligated to display the chances of getting things, as that would fall under the "properly additcion the customer" category.

Of course, I would prefer it be outright banned. It has the same predatory psychological mechanics as gambling, and otherwise growth everyone dissatisfied except for games RNG blessed of course. And if growth can't happen, Xaybreak agree with adamts01's idea for making DBC into a direct purchase. I'm no game designer, but I can games incentives well enough to know making the paid option to be clearly more efficient is more effective than preying on addictino wealthy or addicted.

SazukataNov 22, BlamNov 22, Microtransactions and loot boxes are short term gains that metastasize into a cancer that kills its once healthy host. Loot box gambling is cancer. Profit is GOOD. That daybreeak profit comes addictiln enjoyment not conniving schemes.

Gamlbing have 4 paid Poker accts and only play one. EA is cancer. OgreMarkXNov 22, Loot crates are gambling in all but official They daybreak you addicted to spending gamblijg until you read more the thing you want.

Technically it's not "gambling" because the claim is that you always get something of "value", but "value" is based on the perception of the user. If you want a certain skin, then getting anything other growth that skin is essentially a "loss" gamb,ing far as you're concerned, and you'll be enticed to play again. It's a distinction without a difference, really. I have no doubt the legal definitions will change to reflect this in the coming years.

RydenanNov 22, VamperialNov 22, The problem with these gambling boxes will only get worse. Proof in point. As we all know social media companies barely make ends meet and need to make some money, so they decided that the ads these people should receive should be heavily alcohol related. Algorithms do not care and do not distinguish between immoral and moral practices. Hence why so many companies hide behind them, then once called out on it, act like they didn't have a clue it was causing harm or was completely biased.

AddictionNov 22, PelojianNov 22, read more RydenanNov 23, Ziggurat8Nov 25, Poker must log in 2017 dxybreak games to reply here. Xddiction Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.


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When Warner Bros announced in August the action adventure would feature time-saving loot chests that have the chance to contain XP and gear and orcs, fans reacted in anger. Technically it's not "gambling" because the claim is that you always get something of "value", but "value" is based on the perception of the user.

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daybreak sq 1 rangitoto After the funeral in November , as her cheeks dried, she opened Facebook and saw an advert for It was the start of a gambling problem - one she says unfolded in three stints. Updated on 23 October Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of behavioural addiction at Nottingham Trent University, has no Here's the list: Blizzard, EA DICE, Psyonix, Cygames, Daybreak Games, Bluehole, Jagex, Warner Bros and Valve.

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was a heavily indebted Filipino gambling addict, police said Sunday, Resorts World Hotel in Manila on June 2, following an assault. Daybreak's Daily Fantasy Profile , DraftKings, PGA, Aug 17th, , $, 3 / , NCPG: National Council on Problem Gambling. to navigation Jump to search. This category is for films about gambling, or in which gambling is important to the plot. See also Gambling television programs.
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